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How to Build Portfolios Using the My Portfolio Tool - A+ Investor

By Jenna Brashear posted 01-12-2023 13:07


How to Build Portfolios Using the My Portfolio Tool

The My Portfolio tool is accessible to all AAII members, but A+ Investor subscribers have access to exclusive features, including Portfolio Insights and Diversification Analysis. However, to get the most out of those features, you first need to create a portfolio with your holdings. You may also wish to make a separate portfolio or two to hold your stock, mutual fund or exchange-traded fund (ETF) ideas.

Here are the steps to create a new portfolio in My Portfolio.

Creating a portfolio will allow you to gain insights into your portfolio holdings:

  • How your investments are performing now and historically
  • Whether your asset allocation meets your desired risk profile
  • How diversified your portfolio is across sectors, market-cap size and geographic location

To access the portfolio tracker, click on the My Portfolio button at the top-left of the AAII website (www.aaii.com).

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