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Technical Analysis Goes Hand-in-Hand with a Disciplined Mindet

  • 1.  Technical Analysis Goes Hand-in-Hand with a Disciplined Mindet

    Posted 11-24-2022 14:45
    Edited by Hollis Wagenstein 11-28-2022 13:41
    It's no secret that the new Technical Analysis SIG is a nod to investors who actively trade part of their portfolio and traders who are looking for a welcoming community where they can explore trading discipline without veering into the outer reaches of fevered scalping and black box rabbit holes. Expert traders and investors know that the most powerful tool in their arsenal isn't a special indicator or oscillator, but a well-regulated mindset.

    Rande Howell of "Traders State of Mind" has covered this theme for the NYC Chapter in the past on "Controlling Your Emotions Under Pressure"   a cardinal discipline for every trader and investor.

    Trading Psychology is a fitting complement to any Technical Analysis -- "kissing cousins", perhaps? -- and we hope you'll find this useful. And please join this SIG if Technical Analysis is on your radar screen and spread the word among like-minded colleagues.

    Hollis Wagenstein-Hurturk
    AAII Chapter Liaison