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Posted By KEVIN TRUITT 10-17-2023 11:24
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Hollis, when will the recording for this Mega-Event be available in the NYC Chapter Library? All The Best Kevin Truitt
Posted By KEVIN TRUITT 05-22-2023 18:42
Found In Library: AAII Greensboro Chapter
About the Program: Technological change is reshaping the economy in a way not witnessed since Henry Ford introduced the assembly line more than a century ago. Investors around the world are struggling to understand the Digital Age, and Adam Seessel believes he has found his way to both understand ...
Posted By KEVIN TRUITT 03-26-2023 13:07
Found In Library: AAII Greensboro Chapter
Description of Presentation Recent market volatility has many investors concerned. Rob Bernstein will share a well-tested portfolio strategy ...
Posted By KEVIN TRUITT 03-24-2023 12:15
Found In Library: AAII Greensboro Chapter
Name of Presentation – The Three-Legged Approach To Investing Description of Presentation – In this presentation Chuck Akre will discuss three critical factors that he believes are important to solving the investment puzzle and achieving long-term investment success. Those factors being ...
Posted By KEVIN TRUITT 03-22-2023 13:21
Found In Library: AAII Greensboro Chapter
The stock market’s long run average return of 10% is not realized by a return of 10% each year. That average hides plenty of volatility and periods of very low returns (see 1966 – 1982 and 1995 - 2009). High return periods (bull markets) typically start when valuations are low and rise over time along ...
Posted By KEVIN TRUITT 07-25-2022 11:14
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A stock is a piece of a business, and the value of a stock is ultimately determined by the cash earnings that a business produces in the future. Dividends are one way that shareholders receive this cash and dividends have historically been a critical portion of long-term stock returns. In this presentation, ...
Posted By KEVIN TRUITT 05-28-2022 11:42
Found In Library: AAII Greensboro Chapter
2022-05-21 Greensboro, NC Recording: AAII Greensboro May Program—The Ultimate Dividend Growth Investing Tool The AAII Greensboro Chapter presents...The Ultimate Dividend Growth Investing ToolDiscussed by: Brian Nelson, CFAPresident of Equity Research, ...